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Our Values

We believe in the power of red light therapy and the potential for our products to change your life for the better: so much, that we use them ourselves. By choosing Luminousred, you select a product that was developed according by experts working to a clear philosophy – but most importantly a quality device that was made precisely for you.

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European Design

We utilize our expertise in lighting design and psychology to create a stylish, European product with an emphasis on quality.

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Developed by Experts

Our network of LED experts – in the US, EU and beyond – provides stunning technology that means performance, every time.

Face to face support

1:1 Support

With personalized, 1:1 support throughout your Luminousred journey, we help you on your way to feeling better.

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Media Acclaimed

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve featured in Biohackers Update, Jeunessima, The Healthy Mind F*ck and more.

Meet Barbara

I was always a biohacker… I just didn’t always know it. Following a personal experience with burnout when I was 23, I researched the topic of exhaustion and happiness to find the answers I had been looking for all along. This led me first to my PhD study and subsequently to founding Luminousred: our company and the products we create are a way for me to share the incredible benefits of red light therapy with our customers worldwide. I believe in Luminousred because it helps us return to the basics of nature: the power of sunlight and the potential of our natural bodies. The amazing technology we use is simply how we get there.

Meet Thomas

I had a physical breakdown when I was 27 years old. After that, I made it my mission to find ways of optimizing how we as humans can perform: in short, I became a biohacker. I would say that my approach is unique – driven in equal measure by personal experience and the data that drives our product development. The combination of this curiosity and my passion for creating machines and gadgets – I studied as a lighting expert – created Luminousred. I believe strongly that we can help you maximize your wellbeing: not just as a reaction, but as a proactive step that becomes an integral part of our daily routines.

Ask an Expert

Got a question about Luminousred, biohacking, or anything else? We’re always happy to answer questions and give advice that can help you on your way to feeling good.

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