8. Start your first session!

Setting a specific treatment time #

To adjust your treatment time, press the “T” button on the brain. You should now see a T and a number appear on the display. It will automatically start at T010, which means 10 minutes treatment. If you want a longer treatment time, press the “T” button again and stop when you see the correct (=your desired treatment time) number on your display.

Setting wavelengths #

Both red and near-infrared light will be automatically activated. You may change the operating mode to use only red or only near-infrared light as well. For this, press the “R/NIR” button to select/de-select the wavelength you want. You will see the green lights under the display change. If the left green light lights up only, red light will be selected. If the right green light only lights up, near-infrared light is selected.

Start and pause treatment #

You can give commands through the brain, then all devices will follow, or command each device individually.

To start your treatment session, press the “Play/Pause” button on the brain one time. All lights from one / the connected devices will turn on and the treatment timer will start counting down. To pause (or resume) your treatment session, simply press the “Play/Pause” button again.

Remember, near-infrared light is invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, you may not see any light in near-infrared only mode.

Additional tips: #

For optimal mitochondrial boost and regeneration, we recommend a treatment of 10-20 minutes. There is a so-called therapeutic window that you’d want to achieve. It is different for every individual so we also recommend finding out what benefit you’d like and the additionally tracking it so you can find out if you should go up or down a few minutes in the long run. Same goes for optimal distance. Please find out first what you want out of photobiomodulation and then set accordingly. A rule of thumb to follow is a distance of approximately 6”-12” inches as a starting point. Follow your individual response to the therapy and adjust accordingly. Most of all, have fun 

Eye protection is not necessary. On the contrary studies suggest that photobiomodulation can be very beneficial for age related degenerations such as macular issues. For some of our family members it is uncomfortable and too intense, so we always send a pair of protective eyewear either way, juts to be sure. Choose for your comfort.

Make sure that the treated area of your body is fully exposed and not covered by any fabric or clothing.

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