5. Assembling your Luminousred Set-up

Get ready and unpack everything #

Lay your Luminousred light, the brain and all of the included hardware out. The included items should be:

X 2x fixed screws

X mounting kit / or stand (included)

X protective eyewear

X power cable

X connection cables (brain – device(s))

Attach the brain to your first device #

Assemble your Model 1 Pro
Assemble your Model 2 Pro

As the first step please take the two fixed screws and place them in the top of the brain. Now screw them down into the appropriate holes on top of the model1/model2. Screw until the brain is secured onto your model1/model2. If your first device is a model1: When screwing the brain onto the model1, you will notice that the communication cable is internal and will fit together. There will be no need for additional cables in the back (apart from the power chord).

Place your device #

If you have a model1 only, you can now simply place your red light buddy on its stand wherever you choose and begin your first treatment! We personally have our set-up in our bathroom, that’s the easiest in the morning for our routine 

Attach hanging wear, door hooks and connect the two #

Part one: If you have a model2 or a bigger set-up of multiple devices, you need to think about how to hang your new best friend. Since you have put in the fixed screws on top of the brain into your first device in Step 2 already, you simply take the hook and put them through the loop of the screws.

Part two: You should have gotten a door hook(s) with your order. Hang this hook on the top of any standard-sized door frame.

Part three: Next attach the other end of the hook connector and plug it into the door hook.

*if you need to connect multiple light units, please check the next chapter.

Adjust your desired light height #

To raise the height of your therapy light, pull down on the height adjustment cable while supporting the bottom of your light with your other hand.  To lower your light, press the lever on the cable box. Be sure to support your light during adjustment to avoid causing damage or injury .

Connect your cables #

Part one: If your first device after the brain is a model2 or you want to connect multiple devices together you will do this by connecting the communication chord from the OUT hole at the back of the brain with the IN hole at the back of the first device (model2) or the second or third device.

Part two: Plug the power cord into the “female” (goes inwards) socket of your therapy light. Next, plug the other end of the power cord (goes outwards) into a wall socket.

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