6. Connecting multiple devices

If your setup consists of more than one light unit, you can simply link all your devices to the brain and be able to comfortably control all your devices with the buttons on the brain. With our brand new and unique devices, you’ll also no longer have to worry about a cable mess in the back, as we’ve made this process both easy and clean. Only the essentials here!

As the first step please take the two fixed screws and place them in the top of the brain. Now screw them down into the appropriate holes on top of the model1/model2. Screw until the brain is secured onto your model1/model2. If your first device is a model1: When screwing the brain onto the model1, you will notice that the communication cable is internal and will fit together. There will be no need for additional cables in the back (apart from the power chord).

Connect units vertically
First hang your lead unit on the door hook. Simply take the hook and put them through the loop of the screws.
Part two: you should have gotten a door hook(s) with your order. Hang this hook on the top of any standard-sized door frame.
Part three: Next attach the other end of the hook connector and plug it into the door hook.
Next, lift the second light and line up its threaded posts with the holes in the bottom of the upper device. Slide the lower threaded posts up into the holes and then push back to lock into place. Super easy, steady but also quickly removable if you want to.

Connecting cables
First, connect the power cable to your second unit and plug into a wall socket. Plug the power cord into the “female” (goes inwards) socket of your therapy light. Next, plug the other end of the power cord (goes outwards) into a wall socket.
Then, connect your second unit to your first unit using the patch cable. This allows power to flow through both units. Connecting the patch chord from the OUT hole at the back of the brain with the IN hole at the back of the first device (model2) or the second or third device.
Lastly, flip the main power switches to on. Turn around your hanging setup and press “Play/Pause” on the front of your brain. All lights will now turn on. You can also manually adjust each light individually by the switches on its back.

Start your treatment!

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