7. The brain – Specifications

Luminousred lights are different. We have an actual brain that is a first of its kind feature in the industry. It  is an external communication unit, which allows you to upgrade your device along the way and link multiple devices together. Take your red light therapy sessions to the next level and don’t worry about constant changes to your new red light buddy.

On/Off Button
Choose between wavelengths
The T button controls the timer function
Timer Counter
R/NIR markers

The brain is a fully digital external and independent control box consisting of a built-in timer, allowing the ability to connect multiple panels together to create custom sizes, unique to your treatment needs.

DisplayTimer Time Display
 R / NIR light switched on display
ButtonsSet a timer (T)
 Choose your wavelength (R/NIR)
 Play / Pause
2x external Outlets & 1x internal OutletFor connecting up to three devices to the brain
2x screwsTo ensure a robust connection to the first device (you won’t notice you’re actually having two modules)

You’ll get your brain with every first order of a Luminousred device. There is only the need for one on top of your desired setup.

Light Connector 1
850nm Near Infrared Light Switch
660nm Red Light Switch
Light Connector 2

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