1. Welcome

Thank you for choosing Luminousred to better wellness through Photobiomodulation. We’re “the different” company. We believe everyone should be able to take their health and well-being into their own hands. So we built unique red light therapy devices, giving you affordable access to high-end industry-first red light therapy devices and enabling you to #shinebright when and how you see fit.

Luminousred devices are designed to give you the best at-home and clinical-grade experience.

We are:


Meticulously engineered #

We’ll provide you with the same high light intensities and the same proven wavelengths that you know from scientific research and industry leading products


But at a much more attainable price #

It’s our our personal intention to offer quality devices at the best price on the market. With our lean structure and by focussing on the essentials, we provide the best bang for your buck!


Winning at the highest quality and third party tested #

We are using only superior LED components that allow for high irradiance levels while maintaining low EMF exposure, anti-flicker technology and dual luminosity. Also we’re proud to say we’re certified by all the major security institutions. Our devices use an FDA approved method, with tested low EMF, anti-flicker and CE and RoHS compliant.


Offering you a unique worry-free guarantee #

We believe you should only spend money on things that you absolutely love. If you should have any concerns within the first 30 days of purchasing, you can simply send it back.

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