EMF – why you should care about it and what you get with Luminousred

All electrical appliances create magnetic and electrical fields. EMF (or electromagnetic field) is a by-product of using any electronic devices.  No matter what you do, you can’t stop EMF from being created; you can prevent it from spreading. 

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Now, what is EMF, and how does it occur?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field and occurs by electrons flowing through a circuit. EMFs can be both natural and human-made. An example of a natural magnetic field is the magnetism of the earth. Human-made EMFs are microwaves and mobile phones, for example.
Electromagnetic fields consist of both electrical and magnetic fields. An electrical field takes place when a positive or negative electrical charge is present, whether the device is turned on or not, and measures in volts. When an electrical device is switched on, magnetic fields arise when a current is flowing. The higher the current is flowing, the stronger the magnetic field that is created. They are measured in microtesla.1 In electrical devices such as a red-light therapy device, both electric and magnetic fields arise together, consisting of an electromagnetic wave that occurs at a radio frequency (RF). Of course, you need to keep in mind that the LEDs only compose a part of the EMF emitted by an electrical device, such as a red-light device. There are other parts of the equipment that can emit EMF as well, such as drivers, cooling fans, and connecting apparatuses via Bluetooth or WiFi.
Electromagnetic fields appear as low-frequency wavelengths or high-frequency wavelengths. There is a difference in the effects on the human body from low-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic fields. Higher frequency wavelengths carry energy that can break down bonds between molecules, damaging cells or DNA and is known as ionizing radiation. Lower frequency wavelengths (such as the ones from a red-light therapy device) do not break chemical bonds and are also known as non-ionizing radiation. The Electromagnetic Spectrum is used to describe EMFs relative to their increasing or decreasing frequency (Hz) and Wavelength (nm).2

Do we need to be concerned?

Again, there needs to be a distinction between high magnetic and low magnetic fields. High magnetic fields could be damaging to us humans, and this is especially important as we live in a global society where it’s common to be surrounded by multiple electronic devices all at once almost non-stop. Our goal should be, not only from a biohacker’s perspective but a global one, to minimize our exposure to EMF for optimal health on the one hand and the absence of sickness on the other side.
Low-frequency electromagnetic fields (such as one from a red-light therapy device) represent a smaller source of impact to our bodies than higher frequency EMFs. 1,3 There is next to no conclusive evidence that non-ionizing radiation can cause harm for humans, but long-term effects are still not very well understood.
With a lack of conclusive long-term evidence, it is wise to take precautions to limit your EMF exposure, even when keeping in mind that EMF emitted by red-light therapy devices is at the lower end of the spectrum. It comes down to personal preference and attention. In our opinions, we all should be more aware of the constant exposure to WiFi, Cellular Communications, Dirty Electricity, and the future 5G upgrades and their possible connotation to possible health concerns.4, 5, 6 Back to the first thought of this article, we can’t stop EMF, but control it from spreading unnecessarily. We designed our Luminousred devices with all of this and mind; there will be no unnecessary EMF exposure with all of our devices. In our Luminousred devices, we make sure to properly shield those additional components we’ve talked about as well, to ensure minimum EMF emission and exposure. We have zero EMF emissions at a distance of 4-6″ inches.

To prove this claim, we are third-party tested, of course:

What’s your thought process on EMF now that you’ve learned more?
Are you going to (slightly) change your use with electronics? As already mentioned our thought is that you can’t stop EMF from being created. What we can do is keep it from spreading unnecessarily. If you want more info, check out the EMF Portal. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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This blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease, illness or health issue.

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