EU logistics on another level

March 31st, 2022 was a big day for Luminous Labs. That was the day we finally upgraded our operations and moved our entire EU logistics from a tiny warehouse (which was a tiny local warehouse) to a professional logistic partner.
Since February 2021, all our European orders were shipped from Graz, Austria. Deliveries within the European Union took 2-3 days, without added costs, such as duties and import fees.
We are excited that we now get to take logistics to the next level and have partnered up with Weship which is a full-service fulfillment for e-commerce businesses. From now on, all European orders will be shipped from Weship’s fulfillment center in Premstätten, Austria.

Weship Entrance

We’re proud to say that we now have a full and professional warehousing and distribution partner, to give our clients a smoother buying experience as well as better service.

It also gives us more flexibility so that we are ready to customers whatever they want, whenever they want it.

Our new warehouse

This doesn’t change anything for our clients. We will still strive to offer the best quality products at accessible prices and with our personalized touch. No changes in prices, delivery time, or shipping costs. Just a big step forward for us as a company.

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