We’re exhibiting in the “Glaub an dich” gallery!

Breaking news from our headquarters in Graz:

We exhibit in the “Glaub an dich” Galerie!
(German for “Believe in yourself”)

We were invited by the Steiermärkische Sparkasse to present our vision as a company in the center of Graz for 6 months as part of the “Believe in yourself” window. Said and done. The message is clear: believe in yourself. If we hadn’t believed in our project – and above all in ourselves – from day 1, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our dedicated and motivated team, consisting of 6 core members, has created something big in a very short time.

Why? Because we all believe in our mission and are passionate about what we do.

That’s why we’ve recently become difficult to overlook and to find in Albrechtgasse!

We develop and design innovative light products that enable the aging population to sustainably extend their health span with bioactive wavelengths of light. We have integrated the full breadth and power of photobiomodulation into powerful products. Interested parties can now discover for themselves how strong this is in Albrechtgasse.

A visit to our shop window is worthwhile for several reasons:

The visual aesthetics, the message and the added value for our visitors.

Our idea is to encourage passers-by to stop and pause – get away from the hectic everyday life. Outside our window there is exclusive access to a short light session with our bioactive, red light, which will recharge you with new energy; a light breathing exercise that lowers the pulse and calms it down.

You can find out what this breathing exercise can look like and how to use it correctly here.

The main message is “Breathe with me” – come into your center and let yourself be pampered with new energy. We at Luminous Labs want to give you the opportunity to escape the stressful everyday life with the help of breathing and light and to focus on what is important: you.

This is your chance:
So, if you happen to be in Graz in the next months, why not give our exhibition a visit?If you do, please feel free to send us a picture and leave some feedback! Better yet, if you do so using the QR code on our exhibition window, or via this link you get the chance to win a Model1 as well as a luxurious wellness-weekend in the Hotel “Der Engel” for two!

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