Here’s to new beginnings: Reflecting on Our Time at Science Park Graz

After two truly eventful years, the time has come for us to say “Goodbye” to our first-ever office at Science Park Graz. As we look back on our beginnings and contemplate our growth, it feels surreal to acknowledge just how much has changed since our very first day of incubation, back in 2021.

Stepping into Science Park Graz as wide-eyed entrepreneurs, we were filled with hope and anticipation for what the future held. Little did we know then that this place would become a pivotal part of our journey. It provided us with the perfect environment to nurture our ideas, connect with fellow innovators, gain invaluable insights from experienced mentors – and start growing our team.

In the pictures above you can see us on our first (left) and on our last (right) day.

Leaving Science Park in 2023 as well as the incredible individuals we were fortunate enough to have crossed paths with along the way, brings about mixed feelings. On one hand, we are bubbling with excitement for the promising opportunities that lie ahead. On the other hand, bidding farewell to the familiar faces and the supportive ecosystem we’ve come to cherish leaves us feeling bittersweet. We were fortunate enough to share the office with Startups such as Reeloq, Freyzein, Opus Novo, Factinsect, ATTA, Lanbiotic and Clir.

Applying for a Science Park incubation was undoubtedly one of the best decisions we made as a young startup. The guidance and resources made available to us were instrumental in shaping our growth. The community of like-minded individuals and the collaborative spirit within Science Park created an atmosphere of constant learning and inspiration. We are immensely grateful for the efforts, inputs, generosity, and unwavering support we have received throughout our journey.

As we’re currently packing our belongings and closing this chapter, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been part of our Science Park experience. Whether it was a mentor who shared their wisdom, a fellow entrepreneur who offered encouragement, or a member of the Science Park team who went above and beyond to facilitate our progress: Sigrid Weber, Katrin Krenn, Pascale Schneider and Marko Rosic. Your contributions have left an indelible mark on our entrepreneurial journey.

You’ve probably heard the term: “When one door closes, another one opens.”

Leaving Science Park Graz is not an end, but rather the beginning of a new chapter in Luminous Labs’ evolution. We will always look back on our incubation period with fond memories and gratitude for the positive impact it has had on our growth.

So, as we close this chapter, there’s nothing left to say but a heartfelt “Thank you!” Your support and belief in us have been invaluable, and we are excited to continue our journey, fueled by the experiences and relationships nurtured at Science Park Graz.

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