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February 2021

Luminous Labs is a longevity and biohacking company based in Graz, Austria. We develop and design innovative light-centered products that enable the aging population to extend their health span through smart devices that harness the bioactive wavelengths of light.
Luminous Labs was founded by two people who are also partners in life. Babsi Sekulovska, BA MSc, is a researcher in the field of burnout and happiness, and Thomas Lechner, MA MLL is a lighting expert. We are both currently Ph.D. students and love to explore topics like optimizing human performance and the effect of light on our bodies, mind, and well-being.
The company had simple beginnings. Three years ago, we first discovered light therapy because of some health issues we were experiencing. After experimenting with various supplements, procedures, and lifestyle changes, we noticed that what really provided a significant impact was using photobiomodulation (red light therapy).
By combining our knowledge in psychology, physiology, and lighting, we were able to build our first light therapy machine called Luminousred. However, after comparing our creation to other similar products being sold in the market, we realized that much innovation is needed. And so, we considered the feedback, spent months re-engineering and innovating our creation, and we produced our first market-ready product in early 2019 and distributed it too early adopters throughout the globe. After 6 product iterations and 600+ happy customers, we now want to take the next step and set this venture up for scale.
High-end at-home red light therapy devices are usually expensive, running up to USD $140k, and are mainly used by Olympic athletes or NASA astronauts. We want to make that technology accessible for every person to use in his/her daily life. Our definition of accessibility goes beyond price and features. It also includes educating our community and making sure they have a good grasp on both the technical side and the physiological side of red light therapy, as well as providing them with our personal support as they continue learning about and practicing biohacking.
We are hackers at heart, and we see that technologies, like light hacking, are only going to become mainstream in the future, so we are excited to see this movement play out in the years to come.
If this sounds good to you, we’d love to bring light therapy into your home! All you have to do is check our product page or send us a message at and your red light therapy machine will soon be on its way to you!

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