Luminousred Co-Founder Named “Best 30 Under 30”

We are proud to announce that Luminousred’s Co-Founder and current CEO, Barbara Sekulovska, was featured in WKO Steiermark’s article entitled “Best 30 under 30”.

The German article features 30 young Styrian entrepreneurs who are making a name for themselves by leading innovative and creative companies.

“The promising young bosses were nominated and selected by a top-class expert jury. Only young Styrian entrepreneurs who were born in 1992 or later were taken into account. The result is a ranking that is bursting with innovative and visionary power.”*

Here is a screenshot from the article. You can read the full article here.

According to Babsi, “It was clear to us that we first had to convince the market that already had a large number of customers. Because with our special ‘red light lamps’ we are playing in the field of biohacking, which has only slowly come to the attention of a broader public in this country in the last two years.”

“We took advantage of what nature has to offer anyway. Because these wavelengths are also present in sunlight. However, the output of our system is many times higher: an hour in the midday sun means ten minutes in front of the lamps. And that without those harmful rays in the sunlight,” the young founder explained.

Luminousred has been on the market for three years now. The company is based in Graz, Austria, but has customers from all over the world – the majority being in the United States. The biohacking community in Europe is still growing slowly, with more and more Europeans taking an interest in light hacking in recent years.

“The community is the most important thing. We exchange ideas actively. We take the many use cases of our customers, for example for regeneration after training, to improve mood, as a balance after stressful times or to start the day fit, as an opportunity to continue researching with scientific institutions and to further develop our system”.

*Article translated from German

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