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The most common wavelengths and results in research today

The most common wavelengths and results in research today

Following diagrams show
1) the most used wavelengths in research. The darker overlay of the graphic shows that LED’s have a bigger intensity spectrum, which you should take into consideration when reading through the research database. So with 660 nm the spectrum goes from 630-690 nm actually. The spectrum with 850 nm LED’s lies between 808-880 nm.
2) the ratio between positive and negative outcomes in research studies.  It is to be considered, that a selected research was used in the construction of these diagrams. To see the full research database. Please visit the link provided below. 


Research Database on red light therapy

Research database on red light therapy

It is really important to us to give you a comprehensive overview of studies done on red light therapy. Here’s our open access database! Disclaimer: We filtered the database for the wavelengths that are mainly used in research. To see the full database, please follow this link: LINK
Our friend Vlad from Finland created it! We are so thankful we can use it.

The data in this research database is based on the work of the great Vladimir Heiskanen. He puts a lot of work in summarizing and analyzing all research on red light therapy. have a look at his PATREON (Link) and share some love, we are already his patreons!


A more laid-back approach to red light therapy

A more laid-back approach to red light therapy

Cold thermogenesis & Photobiomodulation – Cool your system to become superhuman

In the recent past, interest in the field of biohacking is peaking, and a new era of experimentation has begun. What really fascinates biohackers is that by “stacking” multiple methods and techniques, personal effects can be multiplied and biohacking goals can be...

Health starts in your mouth – Why betting on light as the ultimate dental instrument in a Sustainable Green Clinic?

Most dentists know that oral health does not only solve the patient’s problem and/or improve their smile. Oral Health is more than that!Old dental issues often are the cause of distress instead of wellbeing. Poorly treated teeth can cause chronic inflammation,...

Certified for your safety

Certifications indicate that we meet a certain standard of competence. We here at Luminousred strive to meet specific guidelines to provide the highest value possible.

Answering your burning question: The difference between a Red-Light Therapy device and an Infrared sauna

Many people think red-light therapy devices and Infrared saunas are very similar. Both are two clinically-proven treatments that offer a range of natural health benefits. Both rely on different biological mechanisms of action to produce those health benefits. In this blog, we’ll tell you why different wavelengths and benefits matter and attempt to help you figure out which of the two is right for you.

Photobiomodulation: The secret weapon of Olympic athletes around the world

More and more professional athletes use light therapy devices around the Olympic Village and stadium. Systemic Photobiomodulation is also widely used by NFL, MMA, and NBA players to aid their recovery and keep them at peak performance. But even Victoria Secret Models are jumping on this. Photobiomodulation is not just a trend; it is longevity must for all.

Creating the most powerful biohack of our time: The unknown link of NAD and Photobiomodulation

Research has found that both Photobiomodulation and NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) can have profound biological effects on humans. These effects have to do with our cellular metabolism, which is declining with age. The result is the body shutting down more,...

What is biohacking?

Don’t we all want to be the absolute best version of ourselves and see just how far we can push our bodies? Biohacking might be for you, friend! Table of Content Table of ContentIntroductionNatural biohacksBiohacking technologySummarySources and References:...

Bioactive wavelengths and what you should know about them

All light falls along a spectrum of wavelengths. Today we want to focus on red and near-infrared light, what the difference to other wavelengths of light is and why these two wavelengths are used in our Luminousred devices.Red and near-infrared light fall within the...

The Brain – What is it, and why is it super cool?

Our brain is the first of its kind feature. It is an external communication unit, which serves two primary purposes. You will be able to upgrade your device along the way and link multiple devices together!Nowadays, technology is built to last for the warranty period...

Mitochondria – The powerhouse of our cells

Short and sweet: Mitochondria are located inside our cells and take in glucose and oxygen from the food we take in daily. They produce energy, packaged as molecules of so-called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This process is essential for our health, well-being, and...
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