The Brain – What is it, and why is it super cool?

Our brain is the first of its kind feature. It is an external communication unit, which serves two primary purposes. You will be able to upgrade your device along the way and link multiple devices together!
Nowadays, technology is built to last for the warranty period and then breaks down afterward involuntarily. We, as a company, do not stand by these principles and want to uphold a higher standard. Our time and efforts are not towards products which will only last you a year or two, or even three. It should serve you for a lifetime. How are we doing that? We thought hard on this one and discovered a thing: In lighting (design), and for devices using LEDs, especially, companies usually combine lights and the controlling technology. This combination of technology comes with a few problems.

Two main issues:

First of all, the light per se becomes a connected technological device and cannot get checked and repaired easily anymore. An electrician, for example, would have to have additional knowledge with specifically that device to open it up and care for it properly. That is why with our lights, we built the lights in such a way that there aren’t too many electronics inside, and the electronics that we use (drivers, cooling fans) are designed to be taken out or switched easily, no matter where you are on this planet.
One the other hand, we know that technology develops insanely fast. Especially connected devices to networks and controlling them will look vastly different in a year than it does now. That is why we took this part of our lights and externalized it. Into the brain. This way, you can (and inexpensively) keep your unique set-up up to date without big hassles.
So how does it work when you connect multiple devices?
All devices will be following the brain. If you choose to connect multiple devices, they won’t be communicating with one another, but the brain will communicate with each one individually. ⁠

We hope you love the brain just as much as we do. Let us know how you like this idea and if you’re already using it. We recently relaunched after being successfully SOLD OUT in January of this year. Be the first one to get your hands on this fine piece of innovation. We made work of the feedback we got over the last past year, used our expertise in psychology and lighting design and made magic. Get your Luminousred now!

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