This was Websummit 2022!

And it’s a wrap on Web Summit 2022. Many people, many connections, and even more impressions. WebSummit has passed but it feels like we’re still there. After reflecting on everything that has happened, all the input we’ve gotten, we want to share some of our highlights, and the most valuable insights we’ve taken from the event.

But where to begin? 

Impressions and Highlights from the event

First of all, Portugal is beautiful! And while we did have a bit of rain, we were mostly blessed with sunshine – good weather is somehow always the first sign of a good day.

Now to the event. A huge highlight was definitely the fact that we were the first biohacking startup in history to be invited to WebSummit! WebSummit is the biggest startup and tech conference on the planet with 71,000+ visitors this year. You’ve read correctly, 71.000 people! Of course, with so many attendees, we decided to go all in and show ourselves to the world. We had tons of good talks, pitched live on stage and blasted out our message on biohacking on all screens of the venue! We were also brave enough to have a booth for one day! Of course we wanted to make the most out of it and that means being busy from 7.30 am till 6.30 pm – nonstop. But with so many people attending, there was not a single second where we were “bored”. And with all these fascinating people approaching us and talking to us, time flew straight by.

Another highlight was the startup showcase, where we presented the mission behind Luminousred, our vision and how we’re solving the problem of increased lifespan without considering the healthspan. We’ve got the discussion going and will continue to spread the word on health!

Speaking of discussions, when we weren’t tied to our booth, we could listen to some very inspiring talks from impressive minds. One that particularly stuck to us was the talk from nordvpn, who made it 20 years bootstrapped, and now took in their first ever funding for over 100 million. Can you imagine? We sure couldn’t!

And after long days of standing and chatting and filling our heads with all sorts of input and information, we loved to head up to our “secret” favorite spot: the hidden rooftop terrace on the 8th floor in the middle of the old town. Nothing felt better than to sit down, enjoy the view, get some rest and let all the impressions sink in.

What we’ve learned?

One thought  from those days is that it’s as much about the bonding/relationship/connection that we as a startup have to a potential investor as it’s the other way around. And that is why we got the positive push to be brave and start looking for an investor that suits us the best. Big visions need big adventures.

But the main thought we took out of the event is that we’re allowed to be bolder! Bolder and louder and prouder of how far we’ve come! This is the main takeaway that we will definitely implement right away! We will be telling you more about the vision, the future, developments we have in mind and where we want to go with Luminous labs.

Even though Web Summit is over, what stays is an excitement and the motivation to push forward and make this thing big. It was the first time since company inception that we actively talked to investors and the feedback was honestly quite overwhelming.

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