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Increase natural defenses.


Activate mitochondria to activate muscle recovery.


Boost collagen and elastin production.


Increase your mental resilience.

Always at Your Best.

Not performing at your peak? Biohack your body and unlock your true potential. It all starts with Luminousred: by working the mitochondria – the “power plant” of our cells – red light stimulates ATP and testosterone production, keeping you sharp, healthy and energized. With more energy, your body can work more effectively: with Luminousred, you’ll stay at your best: day in, day out.

Stay at Your Peak.

Stay one step ahead of the competition. Luminousred helps you harness the power of nature – wherever you are, whatever you do. The effects of targeted irradiation are proven by elite performers worldwide: with healthier, more active cells, you can counteract ageing and fatigue, helping you to optimize your body and stay at your peak for longer.

Red light therapy is beneficial to your gut microbiome & you apply the light to your abdomen.

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Mitochondria is at the core of human health and red light boosts mitochondrial health

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Improved quality of skin, better sleep and improved mood

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Creating the most powerful biohack of our time: The unknown link of NAD and Photobiomodulation

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What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is an innovative biohacking technique that uses red and near-infrared light to supercharge your cells: stimulating your natural processes for recovery, rejuvenation, and growth. Luminousred channels the power of this proven, researched-backed method into a powerful product range that helps your body to help itself. It’s time to feel better about feeling better.


Studies show that red-light therapy can boost collagen production, prevent wrinkles and so much more.


Elite athletes around the world are turning to red light therapy to increase performance and reduce recovery times.

Mental & Physical

How you deal with difficult situation is essential. Light interacts with the Mitochondria to increase physical and mental resilience.


Red Light therapy can boost your body’s melatonin production, aiding a natural sleep cycle. It can also enhance testosterone levels.


Through red light therapy’s positive effect on follicle stimulation, the method is a valuable asset in counteracting hair loss.


Scientific studies have shown near-infrared light can promote circulation and blood flow during the day, helping people achieve deeper relaxation.

Studies and Research

Red light therapy is a trending technology in the field of biohacking. Over 6000 studies have been performed into the effects of red-light therapy, across the wavelength spectrum, for a range of use cases.

Used by the Elite

Red light is an innovative biohacking technique used by elite athletes – from the NBA to the Olympics. Dosing with red light after exercise can accelerate recovery times and boost testosterone: you’re always primed for action.

The Benefits of Red Light

Red light therapy is your ticket to increased performance. Whether you’re pushing the frontiers of your body’s capabilities or looking to get ahead in your personal or professional life, it’s time to see the light. Find out more here.

Why Luminousred?

Unlocking your body’s true potential is a serious business: that’s why you need a brand you can trust. Luminousred is more than just an elite red light device: it gives you an exclusive access to resources that can help you on your journey to expanding consciousness and reaching your personal peak. Our powerful product range driven by the knowledge of one of just 140 masters of lighting worldwide: though our intensely data-focused approach, we’re committed to helping you become the absolute best you can be.

Seeing the Light: User Stories.

Luminousred empowers dynamic go-getters around the achieve epic enhancements to personal performance through the power of biohacking. From better sleep that leaves them motivated and energized, to improvements in physical and mental performance, red light is the central to gaining control over the limitless power of your body and mind. Even as you age, this non-invasive technique is the perfect solution for maintaining your vitality and potency.

Is Luminousred for Me?

Life is competitive – if you want to beat the best, you need to be your best. If you’ve been looking for a non-invasive way to maximize your potential and stay at your peak for longer, Luminousred is the perfect choice for you. Learn from the elite athletes worldwide who biohack their way to success: over time, the incredible benefits of red light can help you unleash the true power of your cells: when your peers are tiring and losing focus, you’ll keep going, and going, and going.


Good rest is the perfect preparation for a dynamic daily routine. Your Luminousred device stimulates melatonin production, improving your circadian rhythm and helping you achieve better-quality sleep.


No drive? No motivation? Red light can increase ATP and testosterone production, priming your body for the journey ahead. Don’t just look and feel younger: stay at your peak for longer too.


Gain a winner’s mentality: control your mental and physical state with Luminousred light. With reduced risk of stress and low performance, you’re in pole position to focus your energy on whatever you put your mind to.

Luminousred: Made for You.

Pack your bags: you’re about to start the journey to the best version of yourself. Choose the optimum Luminousred setup to get the most out of your body and mind. With 30-day money-back guarantee, free global shipping, and personal support, it’s never been easier to supercharge your cells.

Your Questions, Answered.

We’ve answered some of the most important questions about Luminousred and red light therapy below. Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? Get in touch with us for a free expert analysis!

A quick session before a workout or competition can help athletes and weekend warriors alike precondition their muscles in order to prevent injury and prepare their bodies for peak performance. After a workout, Luminousred will help you recover faster by stimulating regeneration of damaged muscle and connective tissue. Faster muscle recovery can improve your ability to perform at your best in competition and, more significantly, it can help prevent injury.

If your hair loss is genetic, studies show red light can help you grow more hair by increasing blood flow to the scalp and stimulating the metabolism in hair follicles. This causes hair follicles to “wake up” from a dormant state and shift into an active hair-production state. You’ll notice new hair growth within a few weeks, and you can maintain your results with regular red light sessions.

From enhancing mental resilienxce and boosting memory to improving thinking skills, Luminousred can benefit the brain in many ways. When targeting the prefrontal cortex, studies find benefits in increased brain functions such as boosting memory, learning fast, processing complex problems quickly, focused attention; setting and achieving goals predicting, planning and anticipating; and coordinating sequences of actions.

What we see in research, is that unlike blue light, red light doesn’t act as a stimulant and helps you relax. Its low color temperature has a soothing effect on the body, and it’s the most conducive wavelength of light for a good night’s sleep. Using red light at night or in the evenings can help your body transition into its sleep cycle more naturally.

With aging, it’s natural to feel more tired or have some loss of sex drive, even when engaging in a healthy lifestyle, that includes exercise and a reasonable diet. Red and NIR light wavelengths have been shown to stimulate energy production within the Leydig cells, which are the cells responsible for producing testosterone in the testicles. Enhanced energy production in Leydig cells is believed to help naturally increase testosterone production.

*Disclaimer: Be cautious and use common sense when using NIR, as it could heat up tissue.*

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We will support you in building a sustainable red-light habit that ensures maximum benefits. Tailored to you, based on research.
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