What is biohacking?

Don’t we all want to be the absolute best version of ourselves and see just how far we can push our bodies? Biohacking might be for you, friend!

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Biohacking is a broad term that can cover an even bigger range of activities. It’s a different (and very primal) approach to our biology. As extensive as the term is, the community is even wider spread. Some don’t want to be sick anymore. Others want to become as smart and healthy as possible. An even more ambitious ones wish to extend their life span and regeneration skills radically. It’s a broad definition and community, but that’s because the idea of biohacking is continuously evolving. We’ll focus on the meaning of biohacking as tweaking your brain and body to boost outputs such as performance, behavior, and health differently than that of traditional medicine. Dave Asprey, who we all adore and look up to (including us), defines biohacking as “the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you so that you have full control over your biology.”1

What we put into our body daily and surround ourselves with, has an enormous impact on how we feel, perform, and act. So, if we want better results, we can optimize/control/upgrade these inputs. What we also want to mention is that not all biohacks are the same. While some are backed by strong scientific evidence and are likely to be beneficial, others are based on inconclusive evidence and are ineffective or, in the worst case, even harmful. Mindfulness and meditation, for example, are shown to help reduce anxiety or chronic pain.2 In our opinion, you should be (over)informed to choose the right regime for you and always lean on science. You guys know, we’re all about red light therapy here, and we swear by it. This love of red and near-infrared light is not (only) based on personal experience but on actual science showing multiple benefits such as decreased inflammation and pain or better hormonal and skin health.3, 4, 5
If you’re new to the topic of biohacking or want to have an overview of some tools, this list is for you. Again, there is so much more; this is a good mixture of natural hacks and scientifically backed technologies, we’d recommend anytime. The premise is to make yourself uncomfortable! 6, 7

Natural biohacks

Eat the right nutrients for you
Drink good (unprocessed) water
Intermittent fasting (Gut health) 8
Breathe good air 
(Re)connect with nature
Expose yourself to sunlight and go outside MORE
Meditate (Mindset)
Create a gratitude routine
See how you can get in a FLOW state
Change your brain with binaural beats
Cold showers, ice baths (or cold exposure) 9,10,11
Biohacker drinks such as Bulletproof Coffee, Collagen Smoothies,…

Biohacking technology

Red light therapy 12
Near-infrared saunas
Float tanks
Supplements (Vitamin D, Collagen, B12, Melatonin,..)
Wearables for tracking your outputs (Oura ring, blood testing)


In our opinion, what differentiates biohacking is that the activities for boosting/ controlling/ optimizing/ upgrading are undertaken with an extraordinary mindset. It is a broad understanding that we don’t need to accept our bodies’ and minds’ shortcomings — such as disease or dysfunctionality – we can boost them and make them incredibly useful. And there is no necessity to wait for a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial, traditional medicine’s gold standard. We can start to transform our lives in this instant. Biohacking is meant to help you make lasting positive changes.

There are so many different technologies and hacks spoken about in this blog post, let us know in the comments if you’d like another bold post(s) talking about them in more detail.
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This blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease, illness or health issue.

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