Why should Luminousred be considered as the best Red Light Therapy Device in 2022?

Buying a red light therapy device is a serious investment. There are tons of things to take into consideration, and the multitude of information available can be quite confusing and overwhelming.

Although Joovv may be one of the more popular brands when it comes to red light therapy, Luminousred is a fantastic and powerful “Joovv alternative”.

In fact, our Luminousred Model 2 was named “Best Overall Light Therapy Panel” in Outliyr Magazine’s article entitled “8 Best Joovv Alternatives (2022 RLT Reviews and Comparison)”.

In this article, we cover what to look out for when investing in your red light therapy device, and why Luminousred is a great option to consider.

How to Choose The Best Device for Your Needs

If you’re in the market for a red light therapy device, here are a few factors to consider when comparing devices, to find your perfect machine:


The proven rages for Red and NIR are 600-7000nm (red) and 800-900nm (near-infrared). It’s worth noting that not all devices include both red and NIR light wavelengths, so it’s important to consider the benefits of each range when choosing a model. However, getting a device that provides both red and NIR light is probably the best option.

Power Density or Irradiance

Irradiance (measured in mW/cm2) is the measure of how much power a light emits over an area—or in the case of your body, how much light energy, in the form of photons, it receives. The lower the irradiance, the more time you have to invest to achieve the desired effects of red light therapy.

Size of light and treatment area

The size of the device dictates how much of your body you can treat, and how well the device fits your lifestyle. Bigger devices treat a larger area of the body all at once, like your back; smaller devices have a more limited range of treatment, like your face. Whatever your size preference, bigger devices can generally produce more systemic benefits for the body, since their size allows your body and cells to absorb more wavelengths and therefore produce more energy.


One of the main appeals of a targeted device is the cost. Targeted devices can be a great place to start if you’re trying to stay within a certain budget. A major benefit of a modular device like ours is the ability to expand over time.

Home Setup

The right setup for the space in your home is often overlooked. Targeted devices don’t take up any space and can be portable, which makes for convenient use for travel. On the other hand, a full-body device provides the best overall coverage.

Your Needs

Depending on your needs and what issues you want to use the device for, there are different options to consider and you want to make sure you pick the best setup option for you.

Some Helpful Tips When Choosing a Device to Purchase?

Look for a high-intensity machine with real output (a laser power meter is superior to a solar power meter). Make sure the machine is third-party tested, uses 660nm and 850nm (the PBM spectrum), and that it has no flicker or EMF.

Also, make sure you’re purchasing from a transparent company to make sure you are getting the best quality device.

Luminousred is more than a company that sells machines, we also try to provide as much knowledge and usage guidance as possible, since RLT is still quite experimental. If you value that, look for that in other companies as well, and don’t let them leave you hanging.

Why Luminousred Offers the Best RLT Devices

The Luminousred Pro Series has 6 size options, ranging from a small targeted machine to a complete full-body set-up. All the devices feature the following:

Dual LEDs

One device with two waves of light. Easily choose between red light, near-infrared light, or both. Red light, delivered at 660nm, is readily absorbed by surface tissues and cells, giving you enhanced skin health and healing. On the other hand, near-Infrared (NIR) light, delivered at 850nm, is invisible to the human eye and penetrates into deeper tissues, which leads to enhanced recovery and inflammation support.

Backed by Science

We use the two most scientifically proven wavelengths (660nm + 850nm) of red light, which you can easily choose between with the switch of a button.

Industry-leading intensity

At its peak, our devices offer more than 100mw/cm2 of red light intensity. Our devices have unique dual LED chips with a life expectancy of >50.000 hours. All this allows for exceptional uniformity of the targeted body part.


We focus on the essentials to give you the best bang for your buck. Better yet, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Certified for your Safety

All our devices feature low EMF, anti-flicker technology, an FDA-approved method, and are CE and RoHS certified.


Using the correct treatment time when doing photobiomodulation is crucial. That is why we built a timer into our machines, so you don’t have to guess. After it’s done, the device shuts off.

Modular Design

Our modular design allows you to connect multiple devices together, in order to expand to a full-body setup over time, if you wish. Or you can start with a full-body device right away. The bigger the setup, the larger the coverage, which results in more light energy delivered. This is all done through The Brain, our one-of-a-kind external unit, which enables you to link several Luminousred devices together.

Founded by Experts

When it comes to your wellness, you need a brand you can trust. As soon as you purchase a device from Luminousred, you do not only gain a high-quality red light therapy product, but you also get to take part in the story of a remarkable young brand. Female-owned and driven by the knowledge of one of just 140 lighting experts worldwide, we’re confident that we’re shaping the future of biohacking… one device at a time.

The Bottom Line

We believe that the Luminousred Pro Series of panels should be at the top of your list when you’re shopping for a red light therapy panel.

Not only are our products industry-first and high-quality, but we provide you with 24/7 guidance from our founders to help you on your way to optimal wellbeing and performance, a huge database of studies into red light therapy, and industry-leading support from subject matter experts. Not only that, but you also get to be part of a strong community of go-getters and light-hackers that learns together.

Are you ready to light hack your life with red light therapy? Then check out our devices here!

This blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease, illness or health issue.

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