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We support you in building a sustainable red-light habit that ensures maximum benefits. Tailored to you, based on research.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is an innovative biohacking technique that uses red and near-infrared light to supercharge your cells: stimulating your natural processes for recovery, rejuvenation, and growth. Luminousred channels the power of this proven, researched-backed method into a powerful product range that helps your body to help itself. It’s time to feel better about feeling better.

Healthier Skin


Studies show that red-light therapy can boost collagen production, prevent wrinkles and so much more.

Muscle Recovery


Elite athletes around the world are turning to red light therapy to increase performance and reduce recovery times.

Mental and Physical resilience

Mental & Physical Resilience

How you deal with difficult situation is essential. Light interacts with the Mitochondria to increase physical and mental resilience.

Hormonal Production


Red Light therapy can boost your body’s melatonin production, aiding a natural sleep cycle. It can also enhance testosterone levels.

Hair Regrowth


Through red light therapy’s positive effect on follicle stimulation, the method is a valuable asset in counteracting hair loss.

Better Relaxation


Scientific studies have shown near-infrared light can promote circulation and blood flow during the day, helping people achieve deeper relaxation.

Who Is Red Light Therapy For?

Tired of feeling tired? Too much money wasted on “miracle” cures for skincare, sleep problems, and stress that just don’t work? Whether you’re an elite athlete, a powerful go-getter, or you just want to feel better each day, it’s time to see the light. People around the world are discovering how red light therapy can improve their performance, health and wellbeing.


Can’t drop off at night? Red light therapy helps against the effects of excessive screen time and supports a healthy circadian rhythm.

Balance Your Hormones

Help your body do its job: Luminousred devices can sustainably increase your ATP levels and ensure long-term hormone balancing.

Your Skin

Luminousred helps your skin to rejuvenate itself and achieve a lasting, healthy-looking complexion.


Red light therapy is trusted by elite athletes to accelerate recovery and increase all-round performance, whatever you do.


Wavelength spectrum
600-700 nm | 800-900 nm


Biological mechanism
increased cellular energy (ATP)


Associated benefits
increased physical and mental resilience, optimized sleep, enhanced performance, improved relaxation, recovery, and skin complexion


Infrared light

Wavelength spectrum
1000 nm +


Biological mechanism
heats up cells


Associated benefits
Detox through sweating, circulation

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Your Ticket to Biohacking.

If you’ve been looking for ways to increase your wellbeing and performance, you’ve probably already run into a trending term: biohacking. So, what is it? Biohacking is how we use technology to unlock the full potential of our own biology – acknowledging the impact of what we put into our body and how that makes us feel. Luminousred utilizes specially-developed red light technology – backed by peer-reviewed research – to recreate the benefits of the sunlight found in nature. We help you to optimize your wellbeing through the targeted application of red and near-infrared light, leading to sustainable improvements that empower you to look and feel your best.
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6000+ Studies

The benefits of red light on health and wellbeing are supported by the results of countless scientific studies.

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Trusted by Athletes

From Olympic teams, to NFL and NHL superstars, elite sportspeople verify the effectiveness of red light therapy.

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Expert Design

Luminousred was developed by leading experts in lighting design and engineering, providing you with a product you can trust.

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Tested and Certified

Our CE & RoHS-compliant* product uses an FDA-approved method, with low EMF and anti-flicker technology.

Our Promise

Luminousred offers you so much more than just products. We provide 24/7 guidance to help you on your way to optimal wellbeing and performance. Epic biohacking technology, combined with industry-leading support from subject matter experts.

Our Values

As PhD students in the fields of mental health and lighting, our goal is to create products that inspire positive change in the world. Our focus: you. Luminousred’s specially-developed feature set was created to inspire you on your wellness journey and beyond.

Our Commitment

We know that new technology can be confusing. That’s why we follow a completely science-based approach, with product development performed according to the latest studies. Our communication, user guides, and products are then presented to you in a clear, understandable way.

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Did you know the efficacy of red light technology depends on your correct dosage?

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We will support you in building a sustainable red-light habit that ensures maximum benefits. Tailored to you, based on research.
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We will support you in building a sustainable red-light habit that ensures maximum benefits. Tailored to you, based on research.
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